Using the Smart Garage While At the Big Game

Using the Smart Garage While At the Big Game

Smart Garage at the Big Game

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With all the World Cup hoopla going on right now, I felt it was only fitting to talk about my favorite home automation piece:

The Smart Garage. 

Out of all the home automation equipment that NorthStar Alarm offers, I can honestly say that the Smart Garage takes the cake… and then some.  With the touch of a button (using the Total Connect app), you can literally close your garage door while at the big game – I repeat, while you are sitting in the stands at the big game! With the Smart Garage, there are no proximity limits.  Whether you are clear across the world sitting in the stands in Brazil or driving down the street, you can always access your garage.

Here’ s a little more about the Smart Garage:

Auto-Secure Feature

– The garage door auto-secure feature allows you to arm your system while the garage door is open, and automatically closes your garage when armed.  This is great for a few different reasons; my favorite being the fact that I only have to worry about one thing to keep my home protected – arming my system.

Garage Door Options

– You can program a schedule for your garage door to close and/or open.  For example, maybe you want to ensure your garage is closed every night at 10:00 p.m.  The Smart
Garage makes it possible.  I love this because I never have to worry if the garage is open at night.

– You can also program the garage door to close after a certain amount of time throughout the day.  For example, maybe you have kids who open the garage when they come home from school but
don’t always remember to close it.  In this situation, you can set-up the Smart Garage to close after being open for 20 minutes.

– You can manually close or open your garage on your phone at anytime.  I like to use both of the features above (programs and timers) but some people really like the manual option.  If you do a good job at closing your garage door, but travel often, this might be a good option for you.  I have heard of people who open their garage while out of town for the neighbors to borrow the lawn mower, take mail into the house, etc.

– Another great thing about the Smart Garage are the notifications.  You can receive an immediate text or email through Total Connect if the garage is opened or left open for extended periods of time.

Those are just a few of my favorite features of the Smart Garage! If you want to learn more about using the Smart Garage to access your garage while at the big game, hop on over to Access Control page.


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