Summer Survival Kit

Summer Survival Kit

June came and went so fast this year – it practically feels like summer has just barely started!  If you are anything like me, your time clock is a bit off and you are just starting to gear up for all of the summer fun.

Today, I thought I would share a little something I put together over the weekend to help get our family officially ready for summer (better late than never). I can’t take full credit for this one though.  The idea came straight from mom! At the beginning of every summer growing up, she would go to the store and fill up a “summer survival kit” with basically everything and anything she could think of that we might need over the hot summer months.  The great thing about it was that we never were in a rut, and if you had an emergency, you knew right where to find anything you needed. I’m really not quite sure why I haven’t kept this tradition running until now, but I don’t think I’ll ever stop now.  I love that I can help keep my family safe and healthy this summer by preparing something that is so easy and smart.

Here’s a quick list of ideas of things to put in your very own “summer survival kit.”


I put my “summer survival kit” in a Tupperware storage bin.  It’s inexpensive, durable, and waterproof.  Although, any type of box, bag, or shelf will work!


There seems to always be a need for the “miracle” Ibuprofin.  I stocked my kit up with some and also added some allergy medicine and Pepto Bismol.  Make sure you include any medicines that you or your family members need often!


Try to think through your typical summer day or activity list and write down an “miscellaneous” items you might need.


All of these items are in no particular order.

  1. Aqua ears (ear plugs for post swimming)
  2. Aloe Vera
  3. Germ X hand sanitizer
  4. Neosporin (to go styled)
  5. Sun block! (Maybe get a good sunblock and a sunscreen)
  6. Baby Lips (or any lip balm)
  7. Aloe after sun lotion
  8. Sunblock stick for faces
  9. Wet Ones (or any wipes)
  10. Kleenex
  11. First Aid kit (a basic one should suffice)
  12. Q-tips
  13. Cold & Hot medicated patches
  14. Vaseline
  15. To-go baggy (in case you want to take just a few things from your “summer survival kit” for the day)
Summer survival kit full of essential items

A list of items to build your very own summer survival kit this year.



Add yours
  1. Cindy

    I’m diabetic and always make sure to have some sort of glucose source, like a tube of quick-acting gel or tablets on hand for emergencies. Also, don’t forget water to stay hydrated!

  2. Aarron Powes

    I LOVE this idea. I think that everyone should have one in their vehicle. I would add maybe a flashlight and or snap and glow lights. The wet ones are a must.

  3. Lore Stoakes

    What a great idea. My husband and I fish all the time and bought the emergency kit for the boat. Look at all the things that MUST be added.
    #5 Sunblock is a must.

  4. Chris Hazard

    Summer kits are essential with my 5 very active kids! Always using sunblock, wet wipes, band aids, neo to go is genius!

  5. Nanasap

    Vaseline–so many uses–chapped lips, cheeks , moisturizer for face and body, for mixing eye shadows and lipglosses to name just a few

  6. Amy Conyers

    I have an almost 3 year old son, a 4 month old son and daddy is 29, WET ONES are essentials for all 3 of them!!! I would LOVE to win this! Pretty please?! 😉

  7. maria moreno

    as a mom with three kids who is always in some kind of summer adventure with my kids. This is exactly what I need to make It through the summer. what a great idea!

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