Smart Home for Parents With a Baby

Smart Home for Parents With a Baby

Being a parent can be exhausting – but your number one priority is always the safety and well-being of your baby. Here are some tips to add some more convenience to parenting.

1.Discretely check on your baby during naps

When you finally get your baby down for a nap, you don’t want them to wake up for a long time. Home cameras can bring some comfort to parents by allowing them to check in on their baby from their phone. Honeywell’s Lyric C2 camera is perfect for acting as a baby monitor whenever you need it. This camera can alert you at the sound of a baby’s cry and detect motion and sound, letting you know exactly what’s happening in the nursery without waking the baby up.

2. Quickly adjust home temperature

The temperature of your nursery and home are very important when you have a baby. Smart thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature from your phone while taking care of your baby. No need to walk all the way over to the thermostat to adjust it anymore.

3. Mute smart doorbell sound

How many times has your baby been woken up by someone ringing your doorbell? With a smart doorbell you can turn on quiet mode during nap time. You can still get notified of visitors on your phone, but the doorbell chime is turned off – keeping it a perfect, quiet, environment for a nap.

4. Regularly check smoke detectors

Smoke detectors should be checked on a regular basis and batteries replaced each year. Make sure the equipment is in good working condition so that it can be relied on for an early warning to fires.

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