SkyBell — The Doorbell For the 21st Century

SkyBell — The Doorbell For the 21st Century

SkyBell is the innovative new way to answer the door. Not only does it protect your home, it can connect you to the ones you love. So what exactly is SkyBell? SkyBell is a video streaming doorbell that sends footage straight to your smartphone. It’s never a guessing game when the doorbell rings, as you know exactly who it is, wherever you are. SkyBell is the convenient, easy, and safe way to know who’s at your door.

When someone rings the doorbell, an alert pops up on your smartphone and you can start watching live video of your front door. SkyBell is equipped with a hear and speak function as well so you can talk to your visitor. This can not only discourage intruders, but connect you to the people you hold dearest.

Have a package arriving while you’re not home? Now you can quickly and easily give directions on the best place to leave the package. Do you struggle with bothersome door-to-door salesmen? Tell them you’re not interested without even opening the door. SkyBell takes the inconvenience out of traditional doorbells.

Flip on the motion sensor to get instant alerts when someone is in the area around your doorbell but does not ring the doorbell. You can see exactly who is lingering around and prevent possible intruders from going any farther. It is even equipped with night vision so you can feel safe and protected all through the night.  

Sometimes we just need a little bit of peace and quiet. SkyBell also comes with a silent mode, which allows you to receive doorbell notifications on your smartphone, without the chime of a doorbell inside your home.

SkyBell will also record each video it takes and automatically save it, so you can watch at a later time. Installation is a breeze, as SkyBell hooks up to the same wires your old doorbell uses. It is completely weatherproof and made right here in the USA.

SkyBell allows you to have complete control over your front door and most importantly, peace of mind. Check it out here.   

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