Six Ways to Avoid Porch Piracy this Holiday Season

Six Ways to Avoid Porch Piracy this Holiday Season

As more Americans tend to shop online, more packages end up being stolen right off of people’s doorsteps. It’s a holiday season buzzkill that no one likes to deal with — especially when that package stolen was a particularly expensive one and now you can’t seem to get a refund. Don’t become one of the millions of Americans that will have their holiday gifts stolen this year. Here are six helpful tips that can help you combat doorstep thieves and restore some peace of mind to your holiday season.

  1. Invest in a webcam security system. These systems are becoming more common in American homes and can give you a live video stream of your front porch. They typically run around $200 and can be a great way to prove that your package was stolen to guarantee a refund. SkyBell is a great example of one of these systems and goes for $199.
  1. Take advantage of the USPS’s customizable delivery options. You can request your package to be left at a side door, in your garage, or anywhere else around your home. You can use these options to make your package less visible to possible thieves.
  1. Have your package delivered to either the Post Office or one of its many GoPost locations. USPS lets you deliver your packages to a Post Office, which will be held there until you pick them up. You can also have them delivered to a GoPost location. These locations are self-service lockers that are usually placed around major gatherings places like shopping malls, grocery stores, banks, etc. To find your nearest GoPost, click here.
  1. UPS and Amazon both have similar services called Access Point and Amazon Locker, respectively. Access Point allows you to have your packages delivered to designated businesses for pickup, while Amazon Locker works similarly to the USPS’s GoPost. All UPS stores will also act as Access Points.
  1. Invest in a smart mailbox like uCella. uCella is like your own personal post office attached to your home. It can send you notifications when a package has arrived, give you video of who is at your doorstep and is tough, durable and reliable. Check out the video explaining all of its features here.
  1. Use FedEx Delivery Manager to alter delivery times, addresses, methods, and everything inbetween. You can also have your packages held at a FedEx location much like USPS and UPS.

No one wants to deal with doorstep theft, so why should you have to? Follow these six easy tips to make sure your holiday gifts are safe and secure. Happy Holidays!

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