Safety while camping

We know that many of our customers love being outside and camping. While you’re home is protected by your home security system, you need to protect yourself as well. Here are some tips on staying safe in the great outdoors.

  • Be prepared. Before you even get to your site know the weather, have a map, and pack an emergency kit.
  • Keep your food clean. Bring food that won’t spoil and be sure to pack it in air tight containers.
  • Drink clean water. Bring a water filter or your own bottled water. Drinking unclean water can cause illness that will ruin your camping experience.
  • Be careful with fires. Never leave a fire unattended. Build fires away from tents, low hanging branches or anything else that can catch fire.
  • Stay away from the animals. While it might sound fun to pet that wild rabbit, it’s dangerous. Wild animals carry infectious diseases such as rabies. During the night if you need to scare an animal away use your flashlight. Usually the bright light will scare them off.

Being outdoors can be a lot of fun, remember to put your safety first. Do you have any other tips?


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