5 Safety Apps We Love

safety appsDo you ever come across an app and you think, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  We certainly do!  This past week, we have seen a couple safety apps debut on morning shows across the country that couldn’t be smarter.  We highly encourage you to download at least one of these safety apps in case you ever come across a situation you feel uneasy in.  It might not be a bad idea to also have a conversation with your family and friends about these important, practical apps.  Here’s a list of 5 safety apps we love:

SafeTrek – We attached the link to the video that aired on GMA the other day for you to watch on this one.  SafeTrek is an app designed for those walks home when you feel a little uneasy  but don’t necessarily need to call the authorities.  You push a button down until you feel safe and it will track your location.  When you feel safe, you let off the button.  It works a lot like a home security system and sends an alert to a monitoring station then the police.  Watch the video!

BSafe – BSafe is a personal safety application that turns your phone into a GPS based panic button.   You can program your phone to automatically notify your family, 911, or your friends of your exact location with the push of a button. It can also be setup to “fake call you” which could be rather handy during a bad first date or in an uncomfortable situation.  BSafe offers a free basic version of their service or you can pay $20 a year for premium service.  We love this app. Arm your teenagers or pre-teens with this app and train them on using it!

OnWatch –   OnWatch is another app that allows you to preset emergency contacts!  You can connect it to your local 911, campus security, or even a safe list of friends, and call them immediately with a one-button dial.

Life360 – This is a family locator app that connects all your family members, allowing them to communicate instantly and track the GPS location of your family.  Life360 allows you to send panic alerts via text, email and phone call if needed urgently. This is a great tool for parents to keep track children in real-time, and set-up alerts when children reach a destination, like school.

ReactMobile – This is another app similar to those listed above.  You set up a list of contacts that you want to alert when you are in a situation you are unsure of, and it contacts everyone of where you are and says that you may need help.  This app has been noted by several magazines and has some cool features.  Check out the link to read more!

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