Resolve to Give Back Challenge: Why Post About It?

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Why Post About it?

When we first set out to create the “Resolve to Give Back” challenge, we thought about how many people do acts of kindness daily without ever saying anything about it or expecting anything from it.  And to be  honest, we are fairly certain that almost everyone does some type of act of kindness every single day, day in and day out. That is absolutely, 100% inspiring.  The goal of this challenge was to encourage more of that.  To do so, we needed to set out to inspire and create an attainable goal that anyone could accomplish, if they set out to.  We issued the challenge of just one act of kindness in January to accomplish this – and asked participants to post about it as a way to document and officially join the contest.

Before we move onto the next section, we hope that even if you don’t want to officially participate in this challenge, you are inspired to do an act of kindness in addition to the kind things you do on a daily basis.

So why photos?

Photos capture 1,000,000 emotions and words.  Looking back at my own personal photo stream from 2013, I remember how I felt in the moments when I took those pictures.  I also remember what exactly I did and felt a strong desire to do more of whatever made me happy in those images.  What I am getting at (and what we thought about while laying out the “Resolve to Give Back” challenge) is this:

  1. Photos of your act of kindness (even just a picture of a sticky note) will help you remember how you felt when you did something kind.
  2. Photos will inspire you to do more acts of kindness like the one you already did.
  3. Photos will remind you of how simple it was to do something kind.
  4. Photos will help document your life!
  5. Photos of something nice you did might inspire someone else to do the same thing.  (This is a huge one. Your picture could really spark an idea in someone else).

We hope that the “Resolve to Give Back” challenge will inspire you to do an act of kindness this month!  We also hope that the idea to take a picture of your acts of service will help your resolution to give back really STICK this year.

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