Real NorthStar Stories

This past week has been an eventful one with the Olympics in full swing, love day celebrations, and glimpses of the coming of spring!

Amidst all of the happenings, we have received both false and real alarm signals from our NorthStar customers. We want share two real alarm stories that happened this week. We are grateful that these customers had their systems armed and that emergency personnel was able to get to both scenes quickly.  We are proud to say that both of these situations were under control and damage or serious problems were averted due to NorthStar Alarm systems.

Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector Story – On February 19 around 1:00 p.m., we received an actual fire alarm signal from a hallway smoke detector in Wanda G.’s home.  Our Rapid Response monitoring team spoke with Wanda, who was on site, through the 2-way voice feature on her panel and dispatched the fire department when a fire in the home was confirmed.  The fire department arrived on the scene quickly and was able to put it out in no time.  We are grateful that Wanda was able to get the help she needed.  Her sales representative, JD Meacham  feels great satisfaction knowing that he was able to keep Wanda and her home safe.

What’s the difference between a monitored smoke detector and a standard smoke detector?

One of the questions we get asked all of the time is about our  smoke detectors.  What makes them different then the current smoke detector installed on my wall?  The difference is that NorthStar’s smoke detectors are monitored, meaning thy are being monitored 24/7 in case smoke is detected.  The majority of homes that we see have good working smoke detectors – however, they aren’t monitored.  If there was ever a fire in one of these homes while the occupants weren’t home, the fire department wouldn’t be dispatched until it’s too late.  Most of the time, the department isn’t called until there is a substantial amount of smoke billowing out of the home and a significant amount of damage has already happened.  That’s the difference in a standard smoke detector and a monitored smoke detector!  A monitored detector is a great fit for any home – especially if the home is often left attended due to traveling or anything else.


Door Sensor Story – During the last week of January, we received an exit error alarm signal from the front door of Raul J.’s home.  It is believed that the suspects attempted to kick in the door, which was likely just enough for the front door sensor to be triggered. Raul received a call notifying him that his alarm was going off.  Our monitoring station dispatched the police and they arrived in minutes – taking in the two suspects on his property for questioning.  Raul said that he armed his system before he left for work  that morning with the  Total Connect 2.0 app, which he uses often from his cell phone.

What’s does “arming your system” mean?

Arming your system means that you turn on your system to protect your home.  There are two options to do this: “arm stay” and “arm away.”  In Raul’s situation, he pressed “arm away,” meaning he was leaving his home and wanted the exterior and interior of his home protected.  If you are going to sleep for the night or planning to stay in, you would select “arm stay,” meaning that you are staying in the home but want the perimeter protected.

We can’t stress the importance of arming your system! Make sure you get in the habit – a quick click of the button will keep your home and family safe.


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