Preventing House Fires

Preventing House Fires


The winter months can leave everyone wanting relief from the cold. Electric heaters are a popular choice for receiving supplemental warmth. Though a good idea, these little heaters often lead to household fires. Here we give you some safety ideas to keep warm and safe.

  1. Don’t leave the heater running if you’re away from home or sleeping.
  2. Keep all flammable materials (bedding, curtains, clothes) at least three feet from either side of the heater.
  3. When the heater is being used check to see if the plug, cord or outlet is hot. If it is, turn the heater off and have an electrician check the outlet or plug.
  4. Don’t use a power strip to power your heater.
  5. Make sure the heater is level and on something stable.
  6. Keep the heater away from water. Never touch the heater if you are wet.

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