NorthStar’s Resolution to Give Back: An Introduction

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We cannot believe the New Year is upon us already! Where in the world did this past month of holiday cheer go? As we move forward to the year 2014, NorthStar is geared up for growth and re-commitment to the core values that our company was founded upon. Though so many hate the sound of New Year’s resolutions, we have an appreciative and excited outlook on them this year. Why do we feel this way?

Because we have the opportunity for a fresh start and a chance to make the world a better place.

As we were coming up with goals for our company this year, we created an idea cluster.  We kept connecting the different clusters of ideas back to the central theme of service, almost every time.  And as we talked about service, we looked back on 2013. So much happened in 2013, so much good and so much bad.  A lot of things happened in 2013 that we couldn’t control, but more often then not, there were things we could control.  That’s what really got us thinking about what we want 2014 to be like. We want it to be a year filled with goodness. We want to become better individuals, ourselves. We want to be happier.  We want those around us to be happier.  And we want the world to be good.  So the resolution we came up with tied together every single one of these thoughts:

Our resolution this year is to give back.

We want to give back to our community and customers. All year long.

A couple of our goals to accomplish our resolution this  year are:

1. To have at least one “random acts of kindness day” every month for the entire year, in addition to our organized service projects as a company.  On these “random acts” of kindness days, we will take groups of people out into the community on lunch breaks to pay for other’s gas, leave popcorn at Red Box machines, deliver flowers to employees at other offices, put hearts on cars in neighboring parking lots, and anything else in our power to make someone’s day.

2. Give back to our customers in a variety of different ways. (stay tuned!).

We want to challenge every single one of our NorthStar customers to commit themselves to give back to the community with us.  Our challenge to you for the month of January is to do a random act of kindness.  Just one, or as many as you would like to do. It can be as simple as a smile at the first 10 people you see in one day.  Or it can be something more organized like volunteering at a soup kitchen.

We are so serious about this resolution that we are laying out an official “NorthStar Resolve to Give Back Challenge.”  The rules and regulations to join the official resolution movement will be coming out next week. We truly believe that if every one of our customers around the globe took part in doing “random acts of kindness” for this month alone, our world will be a better place


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