NorthStar Alarms Reviews: Guard Dogs

NorthStar Alarms Reviews: Guard Dogs

While modern technology has allowed us to make leaps and strides with alarm systems and preventing unwanted people from entering our homes, the old classics remain just as effective as technological solutions.

Guard dogs have been used for thousands of years in one capacity or another. Put simply, the ability of a dog to detect an intruder and to repel them is incredibly impressive. Dogs can smell and hear humans from a very long distance, and are a truly intimidating force to behold if you are facing them down.

Here are some popular family guard dog options, with our NorthStar alarm review of them:

1-      German Shepherds. These dogs are a popular favorite around the world. This breed is characterized by its loyalty, wolf-like intelligence, and iconic image. These dogs are cool under pressure and are fearless when it comes to defending their families.

2-      Akitas. Akitas are large dogs with strong protective instincts. They require socialization and exercise on a regular basis, and will need to be trained well. An Akita is an excellent guard dog and loyal family friend.

3-      Collies. Collies are relatively smaller dogs with a sweet temperament and the intelligence to do a wide variety of jobs. These dogs do well with families, are generally not aggressive, but will defend their territory against intruders. This is a good low pressure choice to make, whether you are looking for a companion or a guardian.

4-      St. Bernards. These gentle giants have a long pedigree of working with humans and protecting them. These are loving companions which do require a lot of exercise and food, but are great guard dogs because of their sheer size and lack of fear.

Ultimately, it is going to be your decision as it pertains to the kind of dog you would like. Choose one which meets with your wants and needs, and enjoy your furry new companion!

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