NorthStar Alarms Review: Porch Lights

NorthStar Alarms Review: Porch Lights

Want a new security system but can’t afford it? Try turning on your porch lights for a change. You’d be surprised how something as simple as a porch light can improve your home security. Criminals prefer the cover of dark. It protects them from sight, making them invisible to anyone’s eyes. As much as they want to steal from you, they also fear getting caught. They would be horrified to have anyone see them doing what they’re doing, let alone someone that would recognize them. They prefer to keep their dealings in secret and darkness helps them accomplish that. Since one of the most common ways to enter a home is through the front door, leaving a light on will illuminate that entry way for everyone to see. There’s no chance of not being seen on a given night when a porch light is on.

From their vantage point, a porch light indicates that someone is home. On top of that, someone could be up, even if there are no visible lights in the windows. Lights on in the home are just enough to make someone second guess their decisions to intrude that night since someone could be awake. It’s a scary thought to be caught by someone already awake in the home.

For optimal protection of your doors and windows, strive to have a light illuminating every door and window that you can. This will leave criminals the only option of approaching the lit entryway, which most would rather move on than risk trying.

If you’re worried about an increased energy bill, consider the fact that a 60-watt light can be run every night and it will only cost you an extra $1.75 a month. Is your home’s security worth that price? Turn on your porch light at night for added security, especially during the winter months when darkness stays longer.

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