NorthStar Alarm reviews: Social Media, Vacation Security, and You

NorthStar Alarm reviews: Social Media, Vacation Security, and You

Social media is a huge part of our lives. It is one of the biggest sources of information for us, whether it is opinions on the news, sharing pictures, or keeping caught up with the lives of those that we care about. Used correctly, social media is a great tool to facilitate human connections.


That being said, social media has increasingly been utilized over the last five years or so to commit theft. What is to blame with this social media connection? It turns out, people who are a bit too open with their announcements to the internet.


Posting too much information t is a common mistake often made in excitement. For example, many thieves will use social media feeds to know exactly when a household will be gone,  because the owner of the home felt inclined to discuss their personal life openly on Facebook.


Let us look at a generic Facebook update like, “About to go on vacation for 2 weeks to Europe with the whole family!”. If you look at this update as a friend, you might be mildly amused and think nothing of it. However, a thief can look at that simple little sentence and immediately know a person’s full name, where they are going, how long they will be gone, and the fact that their whole family will be with them.


For a thief, this information presents a golden opportunity because an easily Googled address will lead to a house which will be unguarded for an exact span of time. While this kind of update may seem ridiculous to some, the fact of the matter is that it is fairly tame compared to what people boast about on social media networks.


Conclusion? Be discerning with the information that you post about your comings and goings- people might be monitoring it so that they can take advantage of an opportune moment.

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