NorthStar Alarm Emergency Planning Tips for 2011

Have you and your family made preparations for different types of emergency situations?

At NorthStar Alarm, we know it’s easier said than done to plan exactly how to handle an emergency-type situation. But, before an emergency occurs, take the time to consider what steps will be important to safeguard your family and loved ones. In fact, NorthStar suggests meeting with your family to discuss plans and practice them. Keep it simple so all family members can remember the important points.

Beyond having a home security system installed that will maintain 24-7 monitoring over your home and loved ones, here are five tips from the NorthStar Alarm family to yours on making plans for emergency and crisis situations.

1. Anticipate Difficulties and Inconveniences

Create plans to anticipate situations in order to be able to make informed decisions during a crisis. Physical and emotional stresses may otherwise cloud decision-making skills.

2. Determine Your Evacuation Plan

Know the evacuation routes leading away from your community. Plan an alternative place where family members agree to meet in the event you cannot meet at home, and determine alternative modes of travel if transportation is disrupted. Remember to follow the advice of authorities about evacuation – they do not ask people to leave unless they believe lives are in danger.


3. Memorize Emergency Contacts

Be sure each family member knows who to contact – perhaps a friend or relative out-of-state – in the event local communications are impaired. Discuss any of your family’s medical needs with someone out-of-town and in the immediate neighborhood. Make a list of insurance, banking, medical and other essential telephone numbers and account information and give it to a trusted family member. Consider including a spare charge card or ATM card with the list, so that you can access money in an emergency or they can access it for you.

4. Plan how to Communicate in an Emergency

Keep everyone’s work, home, school, and cellular numbers updated and share them with everyone in the family. Remember that often in an emergency, cellular phones may not work because the systems are over-loaded. Because communications are difficult in an emergency, it makes sense to plan a family/friend “tree,” so you only need to make one or two calls, then others make designated calls on your behalf.

5. Maintain a Disaster Supplies Kit

Both natural and human-made disasters can create a need to be self-sufficient for a short period until help arrives.

We hope you found these tips helpful and will make it part of your new year’s resolution to create or establish the necessary preparations needed to keep your home and family safe.


From all of us at NorthStar Alarm,

Happy New Year!


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