More Pool Safety Peace of Mind with NorthStar Alarm Video Services

Did you know NorthStar Alarm has security camera equipment and video surveillance services to help safeguard your home? We’ve seen how much more peace of mind this service has brought to many of our customers who have added camera equipment to their home monitoring service. As a result, we have made it more affordable than ever for customers to be able to upgrade to Total Connect Video Services and discover this additional level of security.

As a proud Honeywell Security Products Dealer, NorthStar Alarm provides state-of-the-art camera equipment and video services for both indoor and outdoor use. NorthStar Alarm currently offers three different types of cameras:

The Outdoor Fixed IP Camera or Honeywell IPCAM-WO

  • This camera is ideal for outdoor monitoring of a home or business. The IPCAM-WO includes a plastic cover for Ethernet connection to maintain weather resistance and features a day/night mode with LED illumination to support black and white video. The LED illumination range is up to 25 feet.


The Wireless Fixed Lens Camera or Honeywell IPCAM-WI

  • This camera is ideal for indoor monitoring of a home or business. It’s easy to install and features a compact, portable design. Major features include: wireless communications and color video monitored through Total Connect Video Services. 


    The Wireless Pan/Tilt Camera or Honeywell IPCAM-PT

  • This camera offers the convenience of pan/tilt functionality and allows the customer to view activity around their home or business on any PC or mobile device. Through Total Connect 4 pre-programmed angles can be saved for easy navigation of the camera. The PT camera will also record 10 second clips when it senses motion from a pre-designated portion of its viewfinder. These clips can then be viewed from any computer. Screen shots of these clips can also be sent to any smart phone or mobile device.


How do you know if adding camera equipment to your home security is right for you?

Well, beyond the obvious reason for having indoor camera surveillance to keep an eye on your kids, babysitters, or valuable belongings in your home while you are away, there has recently been a lot of discussion in the home security industry about homeowners installing outdoor cameras specifically to help keep a close watch on backyard swimming pools.


In a recent blog post entitled, “It’s that time of year again–watch your kids around water!”, Nate Martinez gives a great reminder about the need to practice good water safety to prevent the consistently high numbers of child drownings that occur in swimming pools each year.

He suggested the following tips to help you watch your kids around water and keep them safe this summer. He specifically recommends having an alarm on a door or pool gate to increase safety awareness.

1.) Constant supervision is a must – never leave a child unattended in or near a pool/spa. In fact, no one, not even adults should ever be left alone in a pool/spa.

2.) Teach children basis water safety tips – or better yet, teach them to swim as soon as possible. Drowning and close calls are eight times more likely to happen to a child who can not swim. Before a child or an adult enters the water, they should know how to swim. Although it’s no guarantee it will prevent an accident, it does help provide basic level of protection in the water.  

3.) Learn CPR. If you own a pool or spend a lot of time near the water, you should know CPR – it could save a life!

4.) Make sure pools/spas have secure fencing and gates. If you own a home with a pool, it is important you understand the city ordnance pertaining to pool codes and safety. Gates should always be self-closing and self-latching.

5.) There are a multitude of alarm systems on the market now which are reasonable in price. An alarm on the door or pool gate is a great idea to increase safety awareness.

6.) Have a telephone near by when you are out by the pool.

7.) Share the safety instructions with your family, friends and neighbors. Educating a child about the importance of water safety could be what saves their life!

8.) Have a designated “Life Guard” – elect someone to be responsible for watching over those in the pool or spa.

9.) Keep children away from pool drains, pipes and other openings to avoid entrapment.

10.) Get involved! Stay in tune with local pool safety campaigns and public service announcements. You can follow the Pool Safety Campaign on Twitter to learn more!

In addition to the great tips listed above, NorthStar Alarm also recommends keeping an eye on your pool with Total Connect Video Services.

Total Connect Video Services allows you to:

  • Record and store video clips of activity occurring around the interior and exterior of your home from your smartphone, PC or other mobile device
  • View live streaming video on up to 6 cameras at a time
  • Receive instant, important alerts
  • Have pictures emailed to you upon an event

For more information about NorthStar Alarm’s Total Connect Video Services please give us a call toll-free at 1-800-775-STAR.

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