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This past week, I have been been using every spare second I have to tackle the dreaded online traffic school. I have had very ill-feelings toward the monotonous, time consuming task that has taken me away from my happy holiday task list.  However, in retrospect, I AM grateful for a few sections in the course that made my stomach churn.  There were a few heart-breaking crash stories and a couple of driving rules that followed ( “the 2-10 second rule;” you will see this tip in the bulleted list below) that really stuck with me.  I applaud the folks who put together the course because the course has successfully done it’s job at making me a more cautious driver!

On top of my recent encountered with traffic school, the National Safety Council also released an estimate for traffic fatalities during the holidays… and yikes.  Listen to this:

The Christmas period – 6:00 p.m. December 25 through 11:59 December 25 – is estimated to result in 105 traffic fatalities and another 11,200 medical consulted injuries.  The New Year’s holiday period – 6:00 p.m. December 31 through 11:59 January 1 – is estimated to result in 156 traffic fatalities and 16,700 medically consulted injuries.  I challenge you to share these alarming statistics with your family this holiday season, in hopes that it will make them drive more cautiously.

Additionally, here are a couple, simple yet life-saving tips to help keep you safe on the roads this season:

  • Use caution on cold nights – even if you can’t visibly see icy road conditions, there may be black ice out there.
  • Use the 2-10 second rule. During normal driving conditions, you should give the car in front of you a two second lead time.  In bad weather conditions, give them at least 5 seconds.  You can figure out the time by picking out a marker off the side of the road (like a tree) and counting from the time the car in front of you passes it, until the time that you pass it.
  • Don’t drive if you are even feeling a “little buzzed.”
  • Be extra cautious on holiday nights.  Drive defensively.  There may be impaired drivers on the roads.
  • Don’t feel bad about refusing a ride from an impaired driver.
  • Wear your safety belt, even when traveling short distances.
  • Place children in safety seats, regardless of the travel time.

On behalf of all of us here at NorthStar, please be careful out there this holiday season!

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