Lyric Security and Home Control System

Lyric Security and Home Control System

Imagine a home that you can control with the touch of a finger. Lyric Security and Home Control System by Honeywell will do just that for you. Within one app, you have the ability to set the temperature, security, lights, and video in your home via your smart device.

Lyric System

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Bring your home to the 21st century by connecting to the Lyric Home System. This system responds to speech commands, the Lyric controller, and a third party smart device that will make your home safer, smarter, and more enjoyable. Each product works seamlessly with each other to orchestrate a more efficient and quality life.

Lyric Controller

Lyric Panel

This controller is powerful and efficient and puts your  whole home at your fingertip. The controller boasts a 7″ display that is intuitive and easy to use with the touch of a finger or the sound of your voice. The sleek design of this controller can also be mounted on the wall or set on a desk.

Lyric Keypad

LKP500-EN Lyric Additional Keypad

A wonderful addition to the Lyric controller is the Lyric keypad. This keypad enables easy, on-premises smart home control virtually anywhere in the home. Arm or disarm your home where there are small, hard-to-fit spaces that the controller can’t fit in your home.

If you have more questions about this incredible addition to your home feel free to get in contact with us. What item(s) of Lyric equipment are you longing for?

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