Lighting and Appliance Modules


(Pictured Chi flat iron, Hot Tool curling iron, lamps carried by various stores, Sage Barista Express coffee makers by Lakeland, front porch light found at Home Depot)

Today, we are talking about two of our very favorites smart home gadgets: lighting and appliance modules! You may have heard of them before, but you might not have known just how practical they could be in your home. To give you a better idea of what it is, here’s a little visual:  Basically, a module is a little white box that you can plug any appliance or light into.  When you do so, you can control the appliance or light right from your phone. And the module is versatile. You can switch the modules around on any piece of technology.  Here are some of our very favorite and practical lighting and appliance module uses that some of our customers have shared:

  • A living room lamp – several customers have told us that they use their module on a lamp or piece of lighting equipment in their front room, in case they are getting home late that evening or are away on vacation.  This is perfect way to make it look like you are home when you are away to discourage any burglars from even thinking to enter your home.  Talk about a second line of security, in such an easy way!  The best part about this, is that you can turn on the lamp right from your phone with a quick touch of a button, no matter where in the world you are at.
  • Coffee maker – this one is all about convenience! Running a little behind in the morning? Or just want to get your coffee ready right from bed? Easy. With your coffee maker plugged into your appliance module, you can turn it on right from your phone in bed.  This is also a major time saver (not to mention a neat way to impress your guests).
  • Curling irons and flat irons – this one is huge. All of the men out there are probably cringing at the amount of times their significant other has let one of these appliances on! Not only is it dangerous, but it also is an energy killer as well.  Avoid burnt down homes and the stress of leaving one of these appliances on with an appliance module.
  • Front porch lights – this one is another one of our favorites for the amount of practical uses.  Turn your porch light on and off from your phone when you are expecting guests, away from home and wanting extra peace of mind, or  just double-checking whether or not your little ones didn’t leave the lights on all day when they left for school or a friends.  One of our customers also mentioned that their lighting appliance has been an effective way to deal with their teenage daters.

We want to know, what are some of the practical uses you get out of your lighting and appliance modules?

Side funny, we saw this meme floating around and thought we might share! Turns out, you aren’t alone in leaving your hair appliances on…


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