How to Reduce False Alarms

Whether you are a new NorthStar Alarm customer wanting to learn how to minimize false alarms or you’re just looking for some additional tips on reducing them with your own home security system, this post will be a great resource for you!

According to the Utah Alarm Association, thousands of police and fire patrol hours are spent investigating alarm reports that turn out to be false. False alarm fees can be also be very costly and can often create dissatisfaction with your system and security provider.



Here are a few tips to help you reduce the number of false alarms that occur in your home/business:

1.) Properly train all users on how to control your system (e.g., babysitters, relatives, children, visitors, etc.).

Make sure you and the other users know the “abort code,” which would be the “password” or “passcode” (usually a word or phrase) that is given in case of an emergency. It’s the code that was chosen when your system was first installed.

2.) Secure all doors and windows before turning on alarm.

During the summer time, there is often an increased number of false alarms as there tends to be more “traffic” in and out of the home while kids are out of school. False alarms can be drastically reduced by keeping the system disarmed when there are multiple people home during the day.

3.) Keep keyfobs away from the kiddos.

You’d be surprised how many false alarms have been set off by an small child playing with or chewing on a set of keys with a key fob.

4.) Inform the monitoring center of new passcodes and arming codes and new or removed authorized users.

5.) Service and maintain the system (including batteries) properly.

6.) Be aware of pets and bad weather that can sometimes trigger a false alarm.

Believe it or not, some pets and even heavy breezes that come through an open window or a room fan could set off a motion detector. If possible, keep windows where a motion detector is present closed and pets out of the same rooms.

7.) Know how to attempt to cancel a dispatch if necessary through your monitoring company.

If you are a NorthStar customer, please call and let us know of the false alarm as soon as possible. When you let us know of the situation, we will then contact our monitoring company to see if we can cancel the dispatch. Be aware that this doesn’t always mean NorthStar will be able to call off or cancel the dispatch. Also, if there is an issue with something like your sensor faulting, call NorthStar and let us know right away so we can fix the problem and/or replace any defective equipment.

We want you to feel safe, happy and secure with your system! So please let us know how we can help!

Check out this video from the Utah Alarm Association on our website! 


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  1. Morkel

    There are a variety of ways from which you can reduce false alarms and prevent yourself from getting frustrated for no fault of yourself. Thank you for the wonderful article about home security systems.

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