How to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

How to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

Going away for a vacation should be the least stressful time of your life, but many worry about the safety of their homes while they are away — and rightfully so! To gain some much needed peace of mind and to let you get back to enjoying your vacation, here are six helpful tips on how to protect your home while you are away.

1). Try not to advertise your vacation on the internet. With social media being a part of almost everyone’s lives now it can be hard not to share what you’re up to. Be smart and cognizant about who could be reading those posts. It is much easier to be on the safe side and hold off posting about your awesome vacation until you return home.


2). Ask for your mail to be held. Whether that means going to the post office and requesting a mail stoppage, or having a trusted friend or neighbor collect it, this is always a good idea. Piled-up mail is an instant and easy indicator of your absence and a green light for potential burglars to investigate further. Not to mention someone can steal sensitive and important documents right out of your mailbox!

3). Take that spare key you have hidden under the mat out for the time you are away. Many of us hide spare keys around our porches or garages and sometimes we just aren’t the most creative with our hiding spots. Traditional places that are easily identifiable are underneath door mats, underneath rocks in a garden, inside of flower pots, above door frames, and inside mailboxes. It is always a good idea to remove these keys because if they are found, there is no easier way to gain access to your home. If a friend is watching your house while you are away, make sure they keep your key on them at all times. Don’t just let them leave it in a hiding spot near your house.

4). Remotely control the lights in your home to give the appearance of someone being home. This is an easy deterrent made even easier with NorthStar Home. You can remotely control lighting, appliances, and even the thermostat right from your mobile device. Forgot to shut the garage door? You can close it using your device as well. Read more about these features here.

Having the lights turned on and off as if someone were home is one of the tried and true methods to keep your home safe when you are gone.


5). This one is a no-brainer. Install a security system and put it to good use! You can check out all of our available options on our website. Be sure to lock all doors and windows before you leave and arm your security system. It is also a good idea to advertise your security system by using a sign in your front yard. Don’t be cheap and just buy a fake sign from the internet though. Use a real one that is authentic-looking. Cheap signs from fake companies can do just the opposite of what they are intended for.



6). Don’t leave anything valuable in plain sight. Lock up all of your valuables in a safe to ensure that any window peepers don’t see anything they like. Leave your curtains and blinds exactly how you would leave them if you were home. Shutting everything and having all the lights off implies the reality of the situation — no one is home. Leave things looking like they would if someone were actually home.

These are just six simple and easy steps to take when leaving your home for an extended period of time. To learn more helpful tips and tricks check out this great article from SafeSoundFamily and remember to have a wonderful vacation!           

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