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A home security system is something that everyone should seriously consider to protect their valuables and family. When used properly, a home security system can reduce the chances of your home being broken into by up to 85%. When a home gets broken into, it is a traumatic experience because it infringes on personal space and safety. That can have an effect on someone for the rest of their lives. To avoid this type of situation investing in a good home security system is the way to go.

There are several types of systems that you can choose from. Anything from touch screens to classic keypad panels. But here are some of our favorite recommendations for you.

LYNX 5100: This is the newest LYNX panel with an intuitive touch screen and color graphics. Features include weather content on display, a 4G GSM cell radio (3G/4G-compatible), Wi-Fi capability, and 2-way messaging. The LYNX Touch also has an easy-to-use interface with Total Connect Remote Service capability allowing mobile control and home automation control via smart phone, laptop and other web-enabled devices.

2012 LYNX Touch 5100_ReadyToArm

Another option is the Interlogix Simon XTi: You get weather on this 3.5″ color LCD with graphic user interface. You can have up to 8 different user access codes (one for each family member!). There is a chime feature for monitoring door, window or motion activities. You can have up to 40 wireless zones as well.


2GIG Go! Control Panel: Weather, color touch screen display, there are two dedicated buttons for “Home” and “Emergency.” Quick arm/exit and you can have up to 48 wireless zones.

With any of these panels you can be sure of your family and home’s protection.

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