Home security with animals

You have a home security system, and you also have pets. We’ve all heard horror stories of animals that trigger the motion sensors. Thus resulting in a whirlwind of chaos, false alarms, fees and displeasure. How do you have a great home security system without having to give up man’s best friend? Simple. We have a motion sensor that is specifically created for your pets that are 80 lbs or under.

rage23Source: Hyberole

Our motion sensors are created so that you can put them in any room of your house and still have your friendly feline at home too. It is recommended that you put your sensors in a room where your pets don’t get up on the furniture. If your pets aren’t allowed to scale your couch, then you don’t need to worry about which room to put the sensors in.

If your motion sensors have been set off by your pets recently, it might be caused by Fido. Give us a call at 1-800-775-7827 to learn more about our pet approved motion sensors.

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