Getting the Most Out of Your NorthStar Camera System

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So, you’re now setup with NorthStar’s Total Connect Video System.  You have one or more cameras that you’ve checked on your phone to look at your house a couple times, and it’s pretty cool to show your friends.  Is that it, though?

It’s time to start getting the most out of your camera.  Here are FIVE WAYS you can start more effectively utilizing your camera in your home now:

1.  Set rules with Total Connect to automatically record when children are supposed to arrive.

Need the peace of mind that your kids are home and safe, without having your kids think you always worry or don’t trust you?  Login to your total connect here: and set rules and notifications by clicking on your camera.  You can set your camera to record automatically and send notifications directly to your phone each time a motion detector detects motion, the system is armed/disarmed or to record with previously set timers.

2. Move the camera to the baby’s room for an easy way to monitor your baby while they are sleeping.

Cameras can use your WIFI and be moved anywhere within range.  Remember, you can trigger your camera to send notifications to your phone with movement.  This makes for an easy way to have peace of mind without needing to get out of bed when you think you hear something.

3. Check in on the kids and the babysitter when you’re away.

Want to know if the babysitter is sleeping on the job?  Ensure your camera is in a primary area so that you can easily check in on the babysitter to make sure she is treating your kids right!  If there is a disagreement with what happened with a babysitter and your child, simply go back in the footage!

4.  Put the camera in a no-no zone

Have a certain closet with presents from Santa, a wine cellar, or a gun closet that you don’t want the kids or anyone else to enter?  Put a camera in a hidden area and set notifications for motion.  Catch them in the act before it’s too late!

5.  Check on your pets!

Out of town or just out for the night and want to make sure your dog is ok?  Get live feed from any of your smart devices at anytime to make sure your dogs are being fed and walked when you are gone.

There ya go, five easy ways to utilize your camera NOW.  Don’t let your camera just sit there and go to waste!  Here are a couple more quick ideas:

  • Check in on your kids while they are on dates
  • Look back on kids fights and confirm who really “started it”
  • Point it outside and see who is at the do
    or without looking out the window or peephole
  • Check on an elderly or disabled relative
  • Check on the nanny to make sure he/she isn’t cutting any corners

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