Garage Series – Organization

Garage Series – Organization

With Memorial Day just around the corner, we thought today was the perfect day for our garage organization blogpost.  If you cringe when you walk into your garage or stare at piles of tools in the corner, this post is for you!  Keeping your garage organized isn’t just a sanity-saver, it can also be a life-saver.  Garages can be dangerous places for children because of the many cleaning supplies, car fuels/oils, and tools.  A little effort to clean-up and organize can make your garage a much safer place to be.

Here are a few of our favorite garage storage ideas that are affordable and practical.  You don’t have to be a Tim-the-Toolman-Taylor type to do these projects:

PVC Pipe Tool Storage

Brilliant-Garage-Organization-Ideas-14Use PVC pipe to hold your garden tools.  Source: Ashbee Designs

Brilliant-Garage-Organization-Ideas-21Use some scrap wood to create a storage box (of find something similar at Home Deport or related store).  Use three pieces of plywood to divide out the box and label them by category. Notice the use of PVC pipe again?  We love that the Pretty Handy Girl cut PVC pipe to hold up the different garden tools.  Source & Other Ideas: Pretty Handy Girl

Wall Organization

101957023.jpg.rendition.largestThere’s no denying how beautiful the peg board trend looks.  The picture above is from BHG for kitchen storage, but you can do the same in your garage.  Tack up peg board on an entire wall (or section) in your garage, then attach wire baskets, or hangers to hold your tools and supplies.

wall_of_storageThis picture from Pretty Handy Girl shows how she attached wire baskets and other tools.  Check out her post here for more ideas on peg boards.

100091212.jpg.rendition.largestOr visit BHG for some other peg board inspiration.

28-Brilliant-Garage-Organization-Ideas-Create-Recycle-Bin-Hangers-2Check out the instructions by The Family Handyman for ways to get your storage bins off the ground (and out of the reach of children).  This is an easy and effective way to clear up the clutter!

Brilliant-Garage-Organization-Ideas-23Some of your more dangerous mixtures in your garage could include spray paint.  Get those out of reach by using a shoe rack.  We suggest placing the shoe rack much higher than the picture above if you have children – do the reach test to make sure the height passes. Source & Other Ideas: hi Sugarplum

Brilliant-Garage-Organization-Ideas-24If you are more of the trendy type, use some “cute” and “effective” flower planters for storage on your wall! Check out House To Home for ideas and directions.

f3591faf9bf2aed8ebc06c8455118d06If you are looking for a quick yet attractive way to organize your garage, look into a bookshelf!  Visit a Memorial Day garage sale or check out your locking listings (KSL) to find some gently used bookshelves.  We used the photo rendering above because it shoved how to attach tools to the outside of the shelves and use storage bins within the shelves to keep things tidy.  This is a great idea to protect your children and keep your valuables out-of-view.  Photo and more ideas: FamilyHandyMan

Toy storage

balls-storageThis bungy cord idea makes for quick and easy storage.  It reminds us of the balance ball holders a lot of gyms have now days.  Check out this idea on  Designed To Dwell.

ball-claw-sports-ball-holder-xlThis is a “Ball Claw” that makes for a nice, tidy display and storage unit for most sized balls.  If you are exhausted at the thoughts of one of the DIY projects above, hop on over to TheGreenHead to get yourself a ball claw.


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  1. Vera

    Wonderful ideas! I think that some of these suggestions might be used also for my kitchen. I have so many dishes that I think I need more shelves. Thanks for sharing!

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