Garage Series – Coming Soon!

garage series

There have been a few things that have led me to our “Garage Series” on our blog.

  • The first thing was the questions we have been getting about our signature product, the “Smart Garage.” Yes, it is absolutely amazing and you are going to want it in your home… Pronto!
  • The second was the fact that it’s Mother’s Day coming right up and every year my dad gets my mom hanging baskets for the front porch.  He stores these in the garage until it’s officially “Mother’s Day” and he brings neighbors/friends/visitors into our garage so they can marvel at the baskets! Yikes.
  • Last, it’s Springtime! With the warmer temperatures, kids are hitting the streets and garage doors are being left wide-open throughout the day. Double yikes!

The combination of the three got me thinking that it was time for some garage posts!  Stay tuned for some ideas on garage safety, storage, etc.

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