False Alarm Prevention

False Alarm Prevention

Having a safe and secure home is very important to all of us. When an alarm goes off and all of your senses go into hyperalert mode questions arise: Are the kids okay? Did someone break into the house? Who’s outside? The questions are endless. Then you pick up your handheld device to get details on the alarm and realize that it’s a false alarm. We are going to lay out some ways to avoid setting off that dreaded false alarm.

1. Change the batteries regularly. Every system will alert you when the batteries are running low. Don’t ignore this warning. Not only will changing the battery make the system more effective, but it will also prevent a high risk for a false alarm. The upside is that most batteries have a lifespan of more than 5 years in these systems.

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2. Secure all windows and doors. This may seem like an obvious solution to false alarms, but if one window or door is not closed completely when you arm your system, then that may cause a false alarm. This goes both ways. Always remember to disarm your system before you open a window or door. Also, if a window or door isn’t fully secured then mother nature could intervene and blow it open.

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3. Try to keep your pets in place. If you have motion sensors that are not immune to pets, then the daily wanderings of your little furry friend will set off your alarm. This is an easy fix — get the pet immune motion sensors.

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4. Know your passcode. The number one cause of false alarms is people forgetting their password to their alarm system. Pick a passcode that you and your family will remember.



Hopefully, all of these steps will help prevent all future false alarms. The point of having a home security system is to give you peace of mind. Why cause yourself anxiety worrying about false alarms? Enjoy the safety that your alarm system provides without false alarms!


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