Doorbell Camera Saves Family From Potential House Fire

Doorbell Camera Saves Family From Potential House Fire

NorthStar’s high-definition doorbell camera allows customers to see, hear, and speak to visitors at their door from anywhere in the world. The camera detects motion even without the doorbell being pressed, a feature which recently saved a family from a potentially tragic situation.

On June 26, Kaleb Zahnow of Graham, Washington received an unexpected notification on his phone from his doorbell camera. When he pulled up the live feed, he saw a bush on fire right next to his house. Although Kaleb was gone, he notified his wife, who was home with their two dogs. Kylee was able to extinguish the fire before it spread to the rest of their yard – or even worse – their house.

Kaleb said of the situation, “I just wanted to say that your system really works and I’m really thankful we decided to get it or else something else could have gone terribly wrong that day.”

We love to see our system working to protect families, like the Zahnow’s, and their homes. It is in protecting your family that we find our greatest success.


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