Camera Placement for Optimal Security

Camera Placement for Optimal Security

Did you know that the placement of your security camera can significantly increase the safety of the protected space? Whether you’re viewing a live feed or a recording from earlier, the position of the camera can make all the difference in the world. Security cameras can be used for a wide variety of uses, from baby monitors and elderly care to seeing who’s just rung your doorbell or identifying suspicious sounds. Safe Wise explains the basic types of cameras and which is best for each application. If you’re looking to keep an eye on domestic activity, consider placing a hidden camera in a bookshelf, cookie jar, or other unseen place. This allows you to have full access to what’s going on in your home without being detected.

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If you’re wanting outdoor surveillance, putting a dome camera or an IP camera in a wall or corner is usually ideal. Make sure you put them in a place that enables you to have a good panoramic view. You can also place cameras on your front and back doors to increase security. You can have these cameras hidden, but visible cameras are more likely to deter potential burglars. Placing cameras in areas of high traffic, bedrooms, and playrooms also increase the amount of security in your home. You’ll be able to effectively monitor all domestic activities and detect unusual activity as it’s happening. Double check to ensure your cameras are in properly lit areas and are pointed in the right direction so that you’re looking at a burglar’s back rather than their face.

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NorthStar Home has a plethora of cameras available on our website to guarantee the safety and security of your family. Our trained technicians will determine the most optimal location for your NorthStar security cameras. Give us a call (877-252-4820) or browse our website ( to find the right security fit for your lifestyle.

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