Are You a Good Neighbor?

Ever baked cookies for the people who recently moved in next door? Whether or not you can respond with a “yes” to that question, there is alot more to being a good neighbor. At NorthStar Alarm, we have learned that when it comes to safety and security of your home one thing is certain: good neighbors should look out for each other.

Not only is it a good idea to know and meet your neighbors, it is also important to establish trust with them.Get to know your neighbor across the street, on each side of your home and maybe even your neighbor you share a backyard wall with. It might blossom into a friendship similar to Tim Taylor and his wisdom-bestowing neighbor, Wilson, from the popular 90s television series, Home Improvement.


When you get to know your neighbors, invite them to your home, establish friendships, communicate often, these are often the individuals who will watch out for or report suspicious activity around your home that could occur while you are away at work, on vacation, or even asleep.

Don’t be afraid to ask those neighbors you trust to watch out for your home or apartment while you are away. Sometimes good neighbors will park in the driveway to give possible intruders the appearance that someone is home while you are on vacation.

Though you may also be hesistant to give a house key to a neighbor, keep in mind that experienced burglars and intruders know how and where to look for hidden spare keys.

If you don’t already have a neighborhood watch established within your community, it is a home security technique we definitely reccommend on top of having an alarm system in place. The technique has been proven to work for single family homes, communities and apartment properties as well by helping to deter burglaries and other crimes. The Crime Doctor says that this technique sets up what is called territoriality, which means your neighbors will take ownership and responsibility for what occurs in the neighborhood.

Unquestionably, if you are hoping to establish these essential relationships with your neighbors, make sure you are equally willing to provide them with the support and “watchdog” peace of mind they might be looking for, too.


In sum, to be a good neighbor and help keep your home safe and secure:


  • Get to know all your adjacent neighbors
  • Invite them into your home and establish trust
  • Agree to watch out for each other’s home
  • Do small tasks for each other to improve territoriality
  • While on vacation – pick up newspapers, and flyers
  • Offer to occasionally park your car in their driveway
  • Return the favor and communicate often

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