Acts of Kindness Can be FREE!


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1. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.

2. Let someone into traffic who looks like they are in a rush.

3. Praise someone at work.

4. Leave someone a nice note. (On their steering wheel or in the car, on their mirror, on their desk, etc.)

5. Lend a book or movie to a friend.

6. Donate your used books to the library.

7. Offer help to an elderly or handicapped person struggling with something at the grocery store. (Help them load their car or take their cart back for them!)

8. When you finish your lawn, do your neighbors.  Or if you leave in somewhere like Utah, shovel your neighbor’s driveway after yours!

9. Make amends with someone you have wronged.

10. Let someone go ahead of you in line.

11. Have good manners and tell someone who does things for you regularly how much it means to you.

12. Talk to someone who looks lonely.

13. Find out the names of people you encounter every day and address them by it! (Mailman, grocery store worker, coffee shop cashier, etc.)

14. Help a new co-worker

15. When you receive good service, tell the person’s manager or boss.

16. Take time to leave a nice comment on someone’s blog or Facebook post if you enjoyed it.

17. Help someone who looks lost.

18. Write a note to your kids and put it in their lunch bag.

19. Put a sticky note with a positive message on someone’s car!

20. Give 10 people a sincere compliment.

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