Happy & Safe Holidays!

halloweentrickortreatingToday our office is full of all sorts of characters – we take Halloween seriously at NorthStar! But aside from our seriousness is dressing up, we take safety serious! We thought we might pass a long a few ideas to help keep your family safe this year. These tips have been shared throughout our office and are great reminders of what “not to do” on this spooooktacular day.


  • Stick reflector stickers or tape on your kids or have them wear something bright! We have also seen glow sticks tied to kids. Arming your children with flashlights is good, but sometimes flashlights will be put into their candy bags.
  • Do not block the vision of your youngster! Make sure their wigs, hats, and costume accessories are fitted snuggly and don’t
  • Costumes, wigs, and beards should be flame resistant
  • Make sure your kids have well-fitted shoes that have adequate padding on the bottom! Sometimes costume shoes are a light fabric, that sharp objects could easily poke through


  • Of course, adults should be the only people handing the sharp carving tools.  Leave the drawing to the kids!
  • With all the pumpkin smashing teens these days, tea lights or glow sticks in jack-o’-lanterns are a great idea. Glow sticks will also prevent any stray fabric, decorations, or costume bits from catching on fire.

Glow Sticks:

  • Glow sticks are great for pumpkins and as reflectors kids, but be aware of the liquid that produces burning sensations in the mouth! Rest assure that small amounts swallowed aren’t generally harmful.


  • Give your child an early, healthy meal to help prevent them from snacking while out on the candy-run!
  • Remind your kids not to eat anything until they get home and you inspect it! (Make it a game to see who gets the most variety of treats or something to encourage them to wait til they get home to eat)
  • Examine candy and treats for your trick-or-treaters! Look out for lumps, bulges, ripped or loose wrappers, pinholes, or anything that look suspicious.


  • Go out with your kids! Walk with them and remind them of road-safety rules.
  • Never let your child go into a home.
  • Help out other trick-or-treaters who may be running across roads without much care! Remind them of road-safety as well.

Above all, enjoy this day and use good sense! Happy Halloween, NorthStar family!

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