7 Keys to a Safe, Healthy, and Happy Fall Season

7 Keys to a Safe, Healthy, and Happy Fall Season

Fall is here. The nights are getting chillier, the days shorter, and the beautiful changes of the leaves have begun. Fall is a time to embrace change, just as the leaves do, and to care for the ones you love by giving thanks. Everyone should be able to enjoy a safe, healthy and happy fall season which is why we’ve compiled a list of seven key elements to achieving such.

1) Get a flu shot. No one likes to be miserably sick during one of the most beautiful times of the year. Flu shots are a quick and easy preventative measure that help your body resist the nasty bug that makes its way across the country every fall. Be sure to always wash your hands and cover your mouth when you sneeze! Even if you’re not infected, you can help reduce the spread of germs for everyone!

2) Have a safe and healthy Halloween. Just a few tips for the best trick-or-treating experience possible:

  1. Wear costumes that don’t limit visibility or functionality. Masks can sometimes prove bothersome as they can take away peripheral vision. This is not only annoying, but could be dangerous when crossing the road, or walking up front porch steps.
  2. Always go trick-or-treating with a group or a trusted adult. Never let your child trick-or-treat alone.
  3. Bring a flashlight or other device to help illuminate the way.
  4. Some costumes are more flammable than others — watch out for possible dangers such as candles, jack-o-lanterns and luminaries.
  5. Limit the amount of candy your child consumes — nobody likes a tummyache on Halloween!

3) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving by following these cooking safety tips:

  1. 165 is the magic number! Make sure your turkey is safely cooked to this temperature before digging in! Everyone will thank you for a perfectly cooked turkey.
  2. Never leave cooking food unattended. Thanksgiving dinner can be pretty hectic but do your best to keep an eye on anything that is currently cooking to help prevent a possible fire.
  3. Wash your hands with soap and water after handling raw meat. Food poisoning should not be a side dish this year.

4) There’s nothing better than curling up by the fireside on a chilly autumn night and enjoying your pumpkin spice latte, so don’t let your fireplace become a hazard. Use a fireplace screen to protect you from sparks, and always make sure your fire is completely out before leaving the room. Be sure to inspect your fireplace beforehand to make sure everything is clear of debris and buildup.

5) Watch out for children while driving. What kid doesn’t love to play in leaf piles — you never know when a munchkin will pop out of a pile of leaves close to the curbside! Be especially careful around school zones, now that school is back in session. If you have to drive on Halloween, do so with extreme caution, especially in residential areas. Always be on the lookout for young trick-or-treaters.

6) Wear a jacket. It’s that simple! The weather will be getting colder and keeping warm is extremely important to avoiding the flu and other illnesses you can become susceptible to!

7) If you do get sick, don’t go into work! Do everyone a favor and keep your germs away from the workplace. Rest up and focus on a speedy recovery so you can get back to work. Don’t try to power through it, as you will only hurt yourself and your co-workers in the process.

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons, and by following these simple tips, you can focus on the beauty of the season, the health of yourself, and most importantly, the health of your family. Have a wonderful fall!        

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