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Vacations and Home Safety

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Since we did a post recently on “Roadtrip Safety,” we decided that it’s only fitting to do a post today on keeping homes safe while on vacation.  We truly believe that most people take several precautions before they hit the road, like double checking that doors are locked. However, there is so much more to do to keep your home safe.  As we were compiling this list of home safety trips, we  were even shocked at the things we haven’t thought of and we are an alarm company!  So here’s our short, yet powerful list of the best home safety tips we could find to enhance the security of your home:

  • Use lighting liberally on the interior and exterior of your home. Purchase several light timers and program lights for different rooms at varying times.
  • Do yard work before leaving.
  • Never hide house keys in a mailbox, planter or under a mat.
  • Avoid leaving messages on your phone answering machine that alert callers to your absence.
  • Consider asking a neighbor park their car in your driveway.
  • Arrange to have newspaper and mail delivery suspended or collected.
  • Make sure your alarm signs and decals are in clear display – this will keep burglars from even thinking to break into your home
  • Keep all entrances in the house armed with your system!

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