5 Practical Home Security Tips

5 Practical Home Security Tips

In addition to having a home security and automation system, protecting your home and family and providing a comfortable living space also requires some practicality and good judgement. No shocker there, right? But did you know that approximately 30% of burglars enter homes through unlocked doors, windows, or other openings without having to resort to force? It’s crucial to keep in mind that the security of your home not only depends on your security system being used properly, but also on the practical habits you put into action. Locking the front door when rushing out the door to work, school, and soccer practice (even though you can lock your doors from your smartphone with home automation) or remembering to close that kitchen window before heading off to bed when you burnt the lasagna again makes all the difference!

Here are a few of our favorite and simple ways to amp up your home security:

1. Leaving lights on: Leaving random lights or even a television on in the house can easily make your home appear more alive and happening. Installing motion sensor lights to the exterior of your home can also help deter the bad guys as they are initiated when movement is detected.


2. Make a commitment to keep your landscaping and your home’s exterior up-to-par:
Trim your bushes, mow your lawn, rake the leaves, and shovel the snow — assuming all of those tasks apply to you. Don’t allow your mail or newspapers to pile up. A well-kept yard and mailbox gives the impression that you and your family are regularly present.


3. Keep curtains closed at nightfall:
Don’t give the bad guys an opportunity to take a peek at your precious home life when you can take a peek back at them. Ensure that your curtains, blinds, and/or shutters are closed or turned upwards before heading to bed or even away from the home.


4. Remember to lock and close up:
Never forget to close and lock up your doors and windows before bed and especially before leaving the home. It’s common for people to leave the back door open for fresh air, but try to stay in the general vicinity and not venture too far without closing and locking it. Don’t forget about your garage door either! Avoid cracking it for airflow and definitely don’t leave it open, whether you’re at home away.


5. Avoid oversharing:
Depending on your privacy settings on social media outlets, you may be sharing that you’re on vacation or out of town to some people who may want to take advantage of that. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, ‘Victims of burglary said they knew the offender in 65 percent of violent household burglaries, and in 28 percent of such burglaries victims said the offender was a stranger.’ Be mindful of this when sharing personal information, even if the person you’re sharing it with isn’t a ‘stranger’.


Ultimately the goal here is to keep burglars from thinking your home is vulnerable. You want to make your home appear as lived-in as possible. Keep those bad guys guessing as to when you’re home and when you’re gone. Most of all, don’t forget to enact these sensible practices that are essential in keeping you, your home, your family, and your valuables safe and protected.

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  1. Chupacabras

    Avoid posting about upcoming travel on social media or other Internet sites — this is a clear signal that you won’t be around. Perhaps more importantly, avoid posting remotely when you’re out of the country. Most sites will tell viewers where you’re posting from, and can draw criminals to an empty home. Yes, these are extreme measures, but they’ll be sure to keep your home safe and secure.

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