5 Home Automation Devices You Didn’t Know Existed

5 Home Automation Devices You Didn’t Know Existed

Unless you are a regular CES attendee or technology connoisseur, you probably didn’t know these home automation devices existed! We certainly didn’t – but we can’t say we are entirely surprised.  Home automation technology has come a long way. “Smart Homes” are… dare we say “common” now, instead of a futuristic idea portrayed in a Disney movie. We read in an article today that 18% of the 4,556 U.S. internet users polled said they use at least one home automation feature in their home. Wow! To top that off, home-builders across the nation said home automation is expected now and by 2020, half of the U.S. households will have home automation systems. Double wow!

We thought this was a fun look at some of the real, fun, and unexpected home automation devices that you can get your hands on. Some of these ideas may seem a little out there and wild to some, while others think they make perfectly sense.  We will let you be the judge! Without further ado, we present to you:

5 Home Automation Devices You Didn’t Know Existed


Hiku Labs Hiku 

This clever little gadget makes your grocery shopping experience painless (or close to it).  The Hiku uses voice recognition technology and bar code scanning abilities to build your grocery list for you.  The list syncs right to your phone so you can rid yourself of the worry of leaving your list at home. 



Cook Faucet – 

There are a few different versions of self-measuring faucets out in the world – this Cook Water Vigilance and Measure faucet is one of them! With a touch of a button, your faucet will give you the exact measurement of water you need for your recipe. Say good-bye to the days of watering Mac ‘n Cheese!


PureFresh Toilet Seat – 

You knew a bathroom product was coming.  We proudly present the PureFresh Toilet Seat. This surprisingly normal looking toilet seat neutralizes odors for up to six whole months. Save yourself the hassle of sprays and take comfort in knowing you left behind a fresh bathroom. Another great feature of the PureFresh is the programmable LED light so you can save your eyes during your mid-night bathroom run.


iRobot Roomba 790

Some may argue that this device promotes “laziness,” but it also leads to cleaner homes. The Roomba is a wirelessly controlled vaccuum that can be programmed to clean when you’re not home or can be controlled like a remote-car toy to get your floors looking spic and span – in a fun way.


Egg Minder

The Egg Minder was created by the Quirky company – a company who crowdsources for ideas and turns them into reality.  The Egg Minder is one of Quirky’s earlier inventions that was created for the egg aisle pacers who can’t recall their egg inventory back at home.  The Egg Minder is an electronic tray that connects to your phone and tells you how many eggs are left in your fridge and how old they are.


What do you think about these? Helpful or trying to hard?

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