10 Ways to Save on Your Cooling Bill

10 Ways to Save on Your Cooling Bill

save on your cooling bill

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The scorching summer temperatures haven’t given us a break this year! However, just because the temperatures are soaring, it doesn’t mean your  cooling bill has to. We have gathered feedback from some of our friends in the heating and cooling business to create a list of 10 ways to save on your  cooling bill. A few changes here and there could save you in the long-run! Read through the list and take note of any small (or large) changes you could make in your home:

10 Ways to Save on Cooling Bill

  1. Do not run your de-humidifier at the same time as your air conditioning.
  2. Put off the cleaning! Save your heat generating activities until the evening. This means your dishwasher, washer/dryer, oven, etc. should stay off until the sun goes down.
  3. Consider placing awnings up on the South side of your home.
  4. Aim to keep your home temperature set at 75 degrees or higher if you can run ceiling fans.
  5. Move heat conductors away from your thermostat. If  something is giving off heat near your thermostat,  your thermostat may read the room temperature wrong and require your air conditioning system to work more.
  6. Consider placing black-out curtains on your windows. Not only do curtains dress up a room, but they also keep it cool.
  7. Change your air filter out at least every 3 months. Read this post about why this is a must.
  8. Seal your heating and cooling ducts.
  9. Shade your compressor!
  10. Turn our thermostat temperature up 4 – 7 degrees when you’re away or sleeping. The closer the thermostat is to the outdoor temperature, the more you will save.

Remember, a few simple changes can save you on your cooling bill! Incorporate what you can and see how it affects your bill. Experiment with different ideas from the list above if you want to continue seeing more savings.

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