10 Benefits of Spending Quality Family Time

10 Benefits of Spending Quality Family Time

A family that _______s together, stays together. You can fill in the blank with almost anything imaginable but the point remains the same. Family time is important. It is what bonds families closer together and is what keeps them close. Engaging in leisure activities with your family is a great way to keep your family a tight knit unit — and we don’t mean just forcing your family to eat dinner together. Quality family time has a huge impact on both your children’s lives as well as your own. Family is forever. That is why we believe it is extremely important to make those lasting connections and have fun while doing it! Although the real list is endless, here are our ten benefits your family gains from spending quality time together.  

  1. The first benefit is the most obvious but also one of the most important. Spending quality time together strengthens a family’s connection to one another. In other words, it strengthens a family’s bond. Any sort of activity done with the whole family is beneficial. Going to the movies, going bowling, taking a trip somewhere, or even something as simple as playing a board game can go a long way to strengthen a family’s bond.
  2. Your children are less likely to have behavioral problems. Spending time together encourages communication. If your child feels comfortable talking to you about anything, there is less of a chance they will disregard your advice. Communication is key. When spending time together, try to foster a good environment for open and honest communication.
  3. Your children’s academic performance will likely be better. Spending time helping your children with schoolwork, especially in their early years, will foster an environment that values academics. If your child feels comfortable coming to you with schoolwork, they will most likely have better grades and develop better academic habits.
  4. Overall communication is better. This goes back to what was mentioned in our second benefit. Communication is key. Asking your children about how their day was or what is new can go a long way in getting to know your children better. The better your communication is within your family, the better your family bond will be. Plain and simple.
  5. Kids learn by example. If you are setting a good example for them by spending quality time together, they are more likely to adopt those behaviors when they become parents. It may be strange to think of your kids as future parents, but one day that strange thought will turn into a grandchild and your example set will help your children raise that child the same way you raised them.
  6. Your children are less likely to engage in violent behavior if you spend more quality time together. It all goes back to good communication. If your child can communicate their feelings with you, they will likely avoid rash behavior.
  7. Your children are also less likely to use drugs. If you are comfortable communicating and spending time together, your family will be better suited to handle the conversation about the use of illegal drugs.
  8. Although a forced mealtime is never a good idea, eating meals together does strengthen the bond of a family dramatically. The dinner table is a great place for open conversation that is focused on uplifting your family, rather than scolding them for previous behavior.
  9. Spending quality time together can make everyone in the family a better person. Set a good example for your children and they in turn will set a good example for you. Teach them how to be kinder and less judgemental, which requires you yourself to be so as well.
  10. Last but not least, family time fosters love. Families that spend time together tend to love each other more and have a greater love for life and others.

Spending quality family time together is invaluable. Take the time today to get the family together. The benefits are endless.      

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